How to Fix 501 Not Implemented Error (Now!) 7 Ways

Seeing an error on a site hurts badly. It creates a panic situation where we just want to resolve it at any cost. However, some errors don’t give any hint about what we need to fix in order to get rid of it, and one of them is the 501 Not Implemented Error, it’s a kind of error that is very rare to see.

If you’re currently facing it right now, then don’t worry, you’re at the right place. I will show you stepwise solutions, so stick to the end to grab complete knowledge.

What exactly is a 501 Not Implemented Error?

According to, the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 501 Not Implemented server error response code indicates that the server doesn’t support the functionality needed to fulfill the request.

This status can also send a Retry-After header, conveying to the requester when to check back to see if the functionality is supported by then.

501 is the right response when the server does not recognize the request method and is unable to support it for any resource. The only methods that servers are needed to support (and therefore that must not return 501) are GET and HEAD.

If the server does recognize the method but deliberately does not support it, the appropriate response is 405 Method Not Allowed.

In a simple term, 501 error means that the server can’t fulfill the request made by the visitor because the server doesn’t support the functionality required to complete the request.

Sometimes, a 501 error appears on the site because the server with which the website is connected is down or completely off. In that scenario, the website owner should contact the hosting partner as soon as possible. Also, generally, when a server is down, it shows a 500 Internal Server Error, but in some cases, it might show a 501 Not Implemented Error.

How To Fix The HTTP 501 Not Implemented Error

Now, let’s see how we can fix the error by following these simple solutions shown below. I’ve arranged the solutions in order of easy to difficult.

Solution 1: Retry Again

This is by far the easiest way to resolve this error. Normally error 501 disappears when you refresh your site after 1 or 2 minutes. So, I request you to wait for some time and then refresh the page.

Also, you can use an online tool called to check the current status of the website. This online tool will let you know whether the site is currently facing any issues or not. A 200 status code means that everything is fine, but if you see any other status code, like 501 or 500, then that indicates the site is currently having some issues and needs attention from the owner.

Here is how to check your site’s status on

  • Step 1: Go to

You can also search “site status checker” in Google and you’ll find this site.

  • Step 2: Enter your site’s URL

After entering your site’s URFL, click on “Test Now”, it will take a few seconds to check, wait.

  • Step 3: Check the status

Now, scroll down a bit and check the status, if the status is “Ok” then that means everything is fine and you should refresh the page.

If you see any error, like 501 Not Implemented under status, then follow solution number two.

Solution 2: Clear Browser’s Cache & Cookies

Browser cache and cookies are great features. It helps to load a site faster, however, overloading your browser with too much cache data can bring errors like 501. We don’t normally consider clearing cache as a solution to our problems, but let me tell you, it is the best way to remove an error showing on the website, you should not ignore it.

Clearing browser cache is fairly simple, you don’t have to be an expert. But, I suggest you download the passwords before you clear the cache and cookies, here is a great article by about how to download your password before you empty your browser cache.

Now, let’s check how you can clear cache in Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, and Microsoft Edge.

How To Clear Cache in Chrome
  • Open google Chrome
  • Click on Kebab Menue visible at the top right corner ( ⁝ )
  • Select Settings from the menu
  • Under Privacy and security, Select “Clear Browsing Data”
  • Select both Cache and Cookies, and click Clear Data. Wait for a few seconds, once the cache data is cleared, check your website, and see whether the error is still there or not.
How To Clear Cache in Safari
  •  Click on the Safari tab at the top right of your screen and then choose Preferences from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the Advanced tab of the menu that pops up.
  • At the end of the tab, click the “Show Develop menu in menu bar” box and then close the Preferences menu.
  • Select the Develop tab from the Safari menu at the top of the page.
  • Click Empty Caches from the dropdown menu.
How To Clear Cache in Mozilla
  • Click the menu button and then select Settings
  • Click Privacy and Security from the menu
  • In the Cookies and Site Data section, click Clear Data
  • Don’t remove the check mark in front of Cookies and Site Data
  • Click Clear Button
How To Clear Cache in Microsoft Edge
  • Open Microsoft Edge, Click Menu (3 dots icon on top right corner of the browser) > Settings > Privacy & services.
  • Under Clear browsing data, click Choose what to clear.
  • Select “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data” check box and then click Clear.

Solution 3: Disable Proxy

According to computer experts, A proxy server is an application or system that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet. Enabling this service can cause problems in accessing Internet websites because the proxy server settings have been configured.

This is rare but this error might appear if you’re using a proxy. Disabling proxy can be vital in resolving 501 errors, here is how to disable proxy in Chrome and Safari.

How To Disable Proxy in Google Chrome
  • Open Chrome
  • Click on Kebab Menu (︙) available at the top right corner
  • Select “Settings”
  • Now, scroll down a bit and click “Advance”, after that under System, click Open your computer’s proxy settings. (Note: For Windows 7 and Windows 8 or 8.1 users, this will open the Internet Properties window)
  • Turn off Automatically Detect Settings under Automatic Proxy Setup
  • Turn off Use a proxy server as well
  • Make sure to click Save once you’ve changed the settings.

How To Disable Proxy in Safari Mac

  • In the Safari browser, click Safari, then Preferences…
  • Click the Advanced tab. Next to Proxies, select Change Settings…
  • Under the Proxies tab, uncheck any checked boxes.
  • Click OK > Apply.
How To Disable Proxy in Safari iPhone
  • On your iOS device, click Settings. Tap Wi-Fi.
  • Click on your current active Wi-Fi network.
  • Scroll down to HTTP PROXY. Click Configure Proxy.
  • Tap Off > Save.

Solution 4: Disable Chrome VPN Extension

A VPN offers numerous advantages with the main ones being security and anonymity online. It does so by placing a virtual tunnel between the user’s device and the internet. Any data crossing from the device onto the internet is encrypted making it impossible to read if intercepted.

But, the biggest problem with browser extension VPN is not an actual VPN. These VPNs can be really harmful. They might share your data with third-party as well. These VPNs are not only harmful to your data but they also invite errors like 501 Not Implemented.

If you’re currently using any browser extension VPN, then I request you to disable or remove it asap and check the website.

Removing a chrome extension is easy. You just need to select the extension, click on the ︙ button, after that click “Remove from Chrome…”

Solution 5: Contact Your Host

Most of the web hosts on the internet generally have a customer support team. Reach out to them and ask them to solve the issue you’re facing currently on your site. They are experts, they face similar situations every day. Reaching out to them is a great idea, especially if you’re a beginner.

if your host is unable to help you or taking a lot of time to resolve the issue, then consider leaving it. Move your site to a better host that can support you at any stage of your journey.

HostGator – 0824 661 4102

Bluehost – 00 1 801-765-9400

Godaddy – 040 6760 7600

SiteGround – Chat Support 24/7 – Read How To Contact SiteGround Customer Support

Hostinger – Live Chat Support 24/7 – Contact Now

Kinsta – 24/7 Live Chat Support

Cloudways – +35635500106

A2Hosting – 888-546-8946

DreamHost – 24/7 Live Chat Support

Solution 6: Check Error_Log File

The error_log file stores information about why the error appeared, when the error appeared, and which page triggered the error at what time. Checking your error_log file could be vital in resolving this issue.

Error_log file is located in the public_html folder in cPanel. If you’re unable to find it, then click on the settings option present at the top right corner of cPanel, and then select “Shown Hidden File”. Contact your host, if you’re still unable to find the error_log file.

Open the error_log file, look at the latest error data generated by the error_log file.

Error log file

As you can see in the above screenshot, the last error that occurred on my website was on 23 November 2021 at 03:16:10 UTC, it was just a warning, and it also inform me that a plugin (Wordfence) caused this issue.

After understanding what caused the issue, I can take the action accordingly. I can either remove the plugin or deactivate it.

Solution 7: Restart/Reboot Your Server

If you can access your server, then try to reboot it as rebooting a server makes the environment more stable and better performing. Regular reboots protect the business from outages and downtime can be mitigated with typically little effort and reliable processes.

(Note: Rebooting your server can stop your site from working for a couple of minutes)

The error 501 Not Implemented might go away by following this step.

What Can Trigger A 501 Not Implemented Error

There are several things that can trigger a 501 Error, but the most common reason behind this is server overload.

Too Much Pressure On The Server

Check your server usage graph. If you see a sudden spike there, then that means that the server was unable to fulfill the request made by the user because of limitations. To resolve it, you may need to upgrade the server or turn on the Bot Fight Mode in Cloudflare.

Bot Fight Mode in Cloudflare can help your site by shielding it from harmful bots.

Other Names Of 501 Error

  • 501 Not Implemented;
  • Error 501;
  • HTTP 501;
  • HTTP Error 501 Not implemented;
  • The server either does not recognize the request method;
  • The server lacks the ability to fulfill the request.

How 501 Error Impacts on SEO

If you don’t resolve this error as soon as possible, your site may end up losing its position on search results. Although it depends on how many times your site gets crawled by Google bots. If google crawled your site and found that the site is having a 501 error, it will take action asap.

So, it is really important to take action and fix this problem before it can impact your SEO.

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