Does SiteGround Use Cpanel? Do You Even Need It?

cPanel is one of the most popular panels in the world. Millions of people use it to control their websites. It helps in managing multiple things and makes your website better.

Even though it is not that difficult to use but some people struggle using cPanel. Also, cPanel design sometimes confuses some people, and because of it, SiteGround decided to upgrade the panel for their customers.

Nearly 3 years ago, they made the decision to develop new interfaces to improve the way their clients build and manage their websites and hosting on SiteGround.

They hired 20+ new people, including React developers, QAs, and others, and restructured several core teams in the company to meet the needs of the project.

They literally build a team of experts to set up their new panel.

Not only SiteGround but hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostinger, and A2hosting are using a different control panel.

Does Siteground Use cPanel?

No, Siteground offers a different panel which is better than cPanel. Siteground panel is easy to use and has a lot of options to customize your site. cPanel isn’t user-friendly, it is a little complicated and that may confuse some people. In cPanel, you are more prone to make an error compare to the Siteground panel.

What Options You’ll Get In SiteGround Panel?

It is filled with awesome and important tools, such as SuperCacher, Weebly Site Builder, emails, database, FTP, and many more. The site tools section of Siteground is easy to manage, it is specially designed for beginners.

Should cPanel retire?

Yes, I think so. Many hosting companies are going for better panels than cPanel. The reason is the same, the old design of cPanel is not user-friendly. Beginners need instruction before they go for any change and that says how user-friendly Cpanel is.

When I created my first site in 2017, I introduced to cPanel, and I had no idea how to use it, how to create an email, or how to create a subdomain. I had to watch multiple tutorials to get used to it. Now, I have mastered the cPanel, now its design doesn’t bother me much but in the initial days when I wasn’t friendly with its interface, it was a bit confusing.

Some people might say, cPanel should stay for some more years, but I think it is the right time to retire it or cPanel should get an updation. They are not with the time, they should hire a better web designer.

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How Many People Are Using Cpanel?

cPanel still supports many websites, according to a report, 1,197,943 live websites using CPanel and an additional 1,976,930 sites that used CPanel historically.


As you can see in the graph, website numbers are declining every year. People are moving towards a better option.

Do You Need Cpanel?

If you have purchase Siteground then you don’t need it at all, you are good with their panel. I would say, it’s better to understand a new panel rather than cPanel because it is the future. However, you should have some bit of knowledge about Cpanel because when you watch any tutorial video on Youtube mostly you’ll see Cpanel. So, having knowledge about how it functions will benefit you in some way.

Everything About Siteground Panel

The first thing you should know is that the Siteground panel is called SiteTools. To access site tools, log in to your Siteground account, and from there, go to Websites, choose the preferred website and click on Site Tools. And there is another way, click this link to directly go to site tools.

Here is how it looks,

Now, you can look at how wonderfully optimized the site tools look. But what if you stuck somewhere?

How to get help in Site Tools?

Siteground has a help button, which you can click wherever stuck somewhere. You can easily access relevant helpful articles for the tool you are using, pinned on the Get Quick Help drop-down menu in the top right corner.

How To Find The Tool You Are Looking For?

Log in to your Siteground account and on the left side of site tools, you will be able to use all the tools that Siteground has to offer. Site Tools’ left column acts as a navigation bar that contains all tools, grouped by themes.

You can also use search button to search for the tool you wanna use. The option placed on the left side, right under your list of tools.

What Is the Time Zone of Timestamps in Site Tools?

According to SiteGround, all the timestamps in Site Tools are in the local time zone set on the device that you are using Site Tools from. If you use Site Tools from a device using a different time zone, the timestamps will adjust automatically to reflect the new time zone.

Can you change the time zone of the server?

No you can change it. The time zone on all their servers is UTC

How to switch among websites in Site Tools?

If you have owned multiple websites, then you’ll need this option. If you want to switch between them then click the Change button located in the field in the upper left corner of Site Tools. 

It will show you the site that you are using to access the site tools. When you click on it, a pop-up will show where you can select the site you want to switch to, and the particular tool page will open for this site.

How To Pin Your Favorite Tools In Site Tools

There is another option in which you can pin those tools that you want to or using frequently. Go to Dashboard and click Edit Pinned Tools. Look for the tools you use the most and click the pin on the right corner of each tool. Once ready, you can click Save.

How To Change The Language For Site Tools?

By default Siteground uses English, however, if you are not comfortable with it, you can change it whenever you want. But, there is no button available to do this, you have to contact their support. You can go to your Client Area > Help Menu and contact our support to apply the change for you.

Also, keep in mind that the language could be changed to English, Spanish or Italian.

Alternatives To Cpanel

cPanel is still by far the most popular control panel for server and website management to date. It’s been around for over two decades now.

And now, virtually everyone in the hosting industry has either worked with cPanel or at least encountered it as their web host’s control panel of choice. 

You would be surprised to know, cPanel isn’t free, in fact, some small businesses pay about 15$ monthly just to use it. cPanel’s pricing policy is now account-based and that makes it extremely expensive especially for resellers. 

Here is the list of best alternatives:

1. ApisCP

ApisCP is a fully self-hosted server control panel that was built by a company that just wasn’t satisfied with what cPanel offered its customers. Installing ApisCP is pretty simple and they now even support migrations directly from cPanel.

2. RunCloud

RunCloud is a cloud server control panel that runs on the SaaS model and focuses on PHP web applications such as WordPress. 

Installing RunCloud is simply create an account by visiting their site, and then running an installation script they provide you with to connect your server to your RunCloud dashboard.

3. Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that lets users install different types of PHP web apps through an intuitive dashboard. It is partnered with some of the biggest cloud names in the world such as AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr.

4: Plesk

Plesk is another big alternative to cPanel. It is a web hosting application that enables administrators to set up new reseller accounts, websites, and e-mail accounts through a web-based interface.

5: Webmin

Another cPanel alternative that offers a host of rich features and a simple GUI. The best thing about it is the price – it’s FREE. However, the interface leaves a lot to be desired and is not considered very user-friendly. 

Wrapping Things Up

Cpanel has been the most used website control panel for years however it is not keeping up with the market, and Siteground decided to bring a better version. There are many alternatives available that are equal or better than it.

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