How To Cancel Vultr Account (Destroy Server) Screenshots

Vultr is a great platform to set up a super fast server, but sometimes things don’t go our way. When I connected my site to a Vultr server, I thought I’m gonna get super fast speed for my website and my site would never go down again.

However, it didn’t go as per the plan, in fact, my site begin getting 504 errors way too much.

I raised a lot of tickets to Vultr support but they didn’t help. Instead, they said there is nothing wrong with their servers. I contacted the Runcloud team, and they said that they are unable to access my (Vultr) server. It is temporarily down.

That left me frustrated because due to that 504 error my site traffic was declining. I decided to move to a new platform. Let’s check out how you can cancel your Vultr account.

How To Cancel Vultr Account

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to stop Vultr. Also, make sure you have transferred the website to a new host perfectly, otherwise, you end up losing your content.

Step 1: Login to your account

Once you’ve successfully logged in to your account, you’ll see the Inscatancs (server) you’ve created. For example, I’ve created a 1 GB Ram High-Frequency Server. Just click on it.

Step 2: Destroy The Server

Again, if you haven’t too backup up your site or transferred your site to the new host, don’t do it because it involves risk.

Now, click the server and then click on the Delete key present at the top right.

You’ll see a warning, just check on “Yes, destroy this server”, and click “Destroy Server”.

It will take a few seconds to completely destroy your server. You’ll see the status “Destroying”, wait till it finishes.

Now, Vultr will stop charging the amount as there is no server running. You can pay the amount that has been charged by visiting your billing area or you can simply wait for the month to end, Vultr will automatically charge the amount from the credit or debit card you have linked.

Step 3: Contact Their Customer Support

Once you have done everything shown above, it’s time to contact their support because Vultr doesn’t provide an option to cancel the account. You have to raise a ticket.

To Raise a ticket, click Support from the left side menu.

Now, click on “Open Ticket”.

Fill details, select Category as General Support, None in Server, Subject – Account Cancellation, Message – I want to cancel my account. Please help!, finally, click on the “Open Ticket” button.

Vultr normally takes around 30 mins to reply. If you have paid the due amount and destroyed the server successfully, Vultr’s team would cancel the account without any problem, but if you haven’t, in that case, they will ask you to destroy the server and pay the due balance.

Why I decided To Leave Vultr

I created my first instance almost a year back. My website was new so everything was going fine. I thought Vultr is the best platform in the entire world if you want a super-fast server with minimum cost.

After 4 months, I connected my site to Ezoic because my site was getting some traffic from search engines. After a few days, suddenly, my site begins to show 504 errors almost regularly.

At first, I thought it was because of Ezoic, maybe there is something wrong with ezoic, and that’s causing this issue. I decided to leave ezoic, I contacted ezoic support, they asked me to remove Cloudflare integration and connect the site again and check, I did what they say, but that didn’t resolve the issue.

Finally, I decided to leave ezoic completely. A few days went well, but again that 504 error begin to appear on my site. I raised a ticket to the Vultr team with the subject 504 Error, and here is what they said,


Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that our staff is responsible for infrastructure and system critical functions of the platform itself, not for the administration of individual instances. You or members of your project team are responsible for the administration of the VPS instance deployments on your account.

In the event that you have difficulties making a deployment, or performing some other task within your account portal, please feel free to raise a ticket and we will address any platform issues where applicable.

While our services are self-managed, we do offer an extensive community library of tutorials in our Vultr Docs section which you can review at:

Can’t find what you are looking for? You can request new articles from our community by visiting this URL:

Mike Wolfman

They basically said that it’s not their server’s fault. Then, I contacted Runcloud (cloud management company), raised one ticket, and informed them about the situation.

After 10 mins, I got this reply:

Hi Sumit,
Thank you for contacting RunCloud support.

On checking the server  is currently showing offline, please review the snapshot below:

If you are able to access the server via SSH please run the below command and let me know the root password if you are still facing any issues.

systemctl restart runcloud-agent

Please let us know if you need further help from our end.

Kind Regards,
Christymol JoyLevel 3 Systems Engineer RunCloud |

So, Runcloud was unable to access the server as the server was showing offline. But, according to Vultr, there is no issue with the server.

I sent a message again, in which I said, “Server spikes are inconsistent and the server is going offline way too much. Please help, otherwise, I will leave this platform.”

In the response they told me to perform this:


Thank you for your inquiry.

I am not seeing any major spikes or downtime in the past 24 hours.

In order to fully troubleshoot the route between your instance and your local computer, please provide ALL of the following:

– MTR (or WinMTR) Reports in BOTH directions (to/from <Server IP>)
– Your source IP address
– Destination IP address (If not <Server IP>)

We use MTR reports to troubleshoot network issues, instead of a normal traceroute, because MTR pings all “hops” (any server, computer, or network device) between your local computer and the remote server. It will show the entire route that traffic takes, as well as the quality of the connection at each hop in the route. We will then be able to pinpoint where along the route there may be an issue.

Most Linux systems already have MTR installed, and it can be run from the command line. If you’re using Windows, you can download a version of MTR at and install it on your computer.

Additionally, please inform us if this is the first time you’ve experienced this issue if you are seeing it during only certain times of the day, and any other details you believe may be relevant.

Noah W.
System Administrator

But I was fed up with their service, so I decided to move on to a new host. I was losing traffic, I didn’t take risks.

Does Vultr Provide Any Refund?

Vultr doesn’t provide any refund. If you have used their server, you have to pay, that’s simple. If you haven’t connected any site to their server, you still have to pay until you destroy the server completely. It doesn’t matter whether the server is active or not, if the server is there in instances, charges will add to the billing.

For more information, you can read their Terms Of Service.

What if you have added like 100$ and used only 20$, in that case, contact their team by raising a ticket, asking them to reverse the payment.


Vultr is a good platform to get cheap high-speed servers, however, I don’t know what went wrong, but it didn’t suit me. I was constantly getting 504 errors which were affecting my website traffic. I decide to cancel the Vultr account. Canceling a Vultr account is simple, you first need to destroy the server and then raise a ticket about Account Cancelation.

Vultr doesn’t provide a refund of the used portion. If you’ve added an extra amount to your Vultr account, contact their team to reverse it.

I hope this post was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading!

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