Phoenix A* Black Hole ( Largest Black Hole Found) Mass Of 100 Billion Suns

Scientists have just discovered an ultra-massive black hole Phoenix A* with an estimated mass of around 100 billion suns.

This massive black hole is present in the Phoenix Cluster. Sadly, the cluster is very far away from us. It is around 5.8 Billion light years away from us and has a redshift of about 0.597. This means we’ll never reach there even if we travel at the speed of light.

However, there is no confirmation from NASA about it, if we get any, I’ll update it here!

Phoenix A* Size

This insane black hole has a scary event horizon of a whopping 3,900 AU (Astronomical Unit), to put that in perspective, our solar system is only 180 AU in diameter long.

It means this black hole is 21 times larger than our solar system. It’s really scary!

Do We Have Any Actual Picture Of Phoenix A*?

As of now, we don’t have any pictures of this black hole, but we have its cluster image.



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