How To Break (Split) WordPress Posts Into Multiple Pages Effectively

If you want more pageviews and ad impressions, then breaking your posts into multiple pages could be a really good idea.

However, there are some disadvantages as well. Most people don’t like to visit multiple pages to get the complete info. Breaking posts could affect the user experience in a negative way.

If you still wanna do this, then here is the complete tutorial for you!

Manual Method/Without Plugin

The manual method can save you from installing another plugin and pressurizing your server. And, manually doing it can also help you learn a new thing which you can use later.

Step 1: Add A New Post Or Select A Post That You Want To Break

You need to log in to your Wp Dashboard, and add a new post or select a post.

Step 2: Use WordPress Content Editor

Once you added or selected a new post. Click on the (+) icon where you want to split the content.

Clicking on the (+) icon will open editing features. Type “Page Break” in the search tab to find the “Page Break” block. Once you find it, click on it.

Now, you should see a page break line indicating that you’ve used the Page Break option.

If you want to divide your post into 4 pages, then add 4 Page Break blocks in different places.

If You’re Using Classic Editor

Believe it or not, many people are still using the classic editor. I strongly recommend Gutenberg as it contains some really good features.

However, here are the steps you need to take to break the post.

Step 1: Open The Post

Select the post you want to split.

Step 2: Use The Alt +Shift+P Shortcut To Split Your Content

This is a trick that not many people know. Use it where you would want to add a page break.

Preview The Post

Once you are done with placing Page Break, it’s time to preview the post and look at whether it’s working or not. If it is working, you’ll see your content has been divided into multiple pages.

ShortCode Method For Bloggers Who Are Using Classic WordPress Editor

This is the simplest method, add <!––nextpage––> to split the content from wherever you want to.

Go to the ‘Text’ view to enter the tag where you would like to break the content.

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Plugin Method

I don’t recommend the plugin method as it could affect your site speed by increasing the server pressure. However, if you’re the guy who hates doing things manually, then go for this method.

Also, sadly I didn’t find any plugin that works perfectly. I found these three plugins that can do the job but aren’t great.

1: Automatically Paginate Posts

This plugin hasn’t got updates for a year which could be critical for your site’s security. But, this is the only plugin that I found really helpful in effectively splitting posts.

Setting up this plugin is really easy. Just enter how many pages you would want by splitting your posts. Orm you can set words per page.

  • Ideal Settings

2: jQuery Post Splitter

This plugin thankfully receives updates, however, the plugin might not work for everyone. You can test this plugin on your site. If it is working then keep it, if not, uninstall and try the manual method.

Just type Post splitter in the search box of the plugin section and you’ll find this plugin.

How To Set up jQuery Post Splitter

Install and activate the plugin, and go to the settings section to set up this plugin.

  • Apply These Settings

The pre-set settings are almost identical, but there is one change that you have to make and that is enabling “Display Link to view full post.”

  • Video By The Developer

This video doesn’t have any sound, and it is not in detail. The developer made this video just to show which setting should be enabled and which not. He doesn’t explain the work of each setting.

3: Pagination by BestWebSoft

This plugin is available in the plugin section. It has more than 8,000 installations with over 40 five-star ratings. It is the most popular posts splitting plugin, but this plugin also may not work for your site. Try the manual method if it doesn’t work.

Let’s see how it works!

  • Type Pagination By BestWebSoft In The Plugin Search Box
  • Activate The Plugin And Go To The Settings
  • Pagination Settings

Most of the settings are preset so you won’t need to change anything.

Pros and Cons Of Splitting Posts Into Pages

Around 6 months back, I decided to break my DIY website posts into pages. The aim was to increase pageviews so that we can earn more from ads.

But we received mixed to negative results, and we had to stop splitting posts. Here is the list of benefits that I received.


  • More Pageviews

We saw almost double page views. At that time we were getting around 2,000 pageviews a day but after implementing it, we were seeing 4,000 or sometimes 5,000 page views, which was incredible.

  • More Ad Impressions

Ad impressions also increased drastically.

  • Less Bounce Rate

The bounce rate dropped almost half. A high bounce rate could affect your rankings so seeing a low bounce rate on my site, gave me a really good feeling.


  • Bad user experience

No one likes to click on multiple pages just to see the full content. A full post without division is always better. It gives information to the users without any breakers.

  • Low CPC

I know CPC depends mainly on niche and country, but when I applied this, I saw low CPC which was the biggest reason why I stepped off.

  • Low User Engagement

I used to receive one or two comments daily on my posts, but after applying this split posts method, I wasn’t getting much engagement from the users.

  • Decrease In Avg Read Time

Normally I see 5 to 6 minutes of reading time on my blog. While using this method, I was seeing less than a minute of avg read time.

What Type Of Websites Can Use Split Posts

Not every website is made for split posts but some niche does really well with multiple page posts. Here is the list.

  • Sports Site

Example – Transfermarkt, Sportskeeda, and Goal

  • Top Ten Niche

If you have a site that always produces content that contains lists of tops, then splitting posts into pages might help.

  • News Sites

News sites can also do this. However, I don’t recommend it.

It’s A Wrap!

Breaking your posts into pages is really simple. You can use a block called Page Break or put a code <!––nextpage––> . However, turning your post into pages might not work for everyone so be aware of that.

I hope this post gave you some value.

Thanks for reading!

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