SiteGround Data Centers & Servers Locations: Complete Info

SiteGround data centers are located all over the world. These data centers are highly advance and optimized to keep your site running.

In this post, we gonna learn about where SiteGround’s data centers are located, how it impacts your site, and how a CDN helps.

SiteGrounds Data Centers Location

According to the report published by SiteGround, they have 6 data centers in 3 continents. Here is the list:

  1. Iowa, USA
  2. London, UK
  3. Eemshaven, Netherlands
  4. Frankfurt, GE
  5. Sydney, AU
  6. Singapore, Singapore
SiteGround Data Center
SiteGround Data Center

SiteGround stated that they have chosen their current data centers after careful study, as they have shown to be among the most trustworthy ones. The constant monitoring, upgrading, and securing of the servers are operated by the highly qualified team of SiteGround system administrators.

Iowa, USA Data Center ????️

Iowa is a state in the Midwestern area of the US, bordered by the Mississippi River to the east and the Missouri River and Big Sioux River to the west.

This center is dedicated to its US customers, and it is one of the most important data centers of SiteGround as most of the customers of SitGeround are from the USA.

You can select this center if you want to deliver content faster to your US visitors.

Iowa data center is in the middle of the US, so, it delivers data all across the US at the same speed. SiteGround has picked this data center smartly because if they had chosen their data center in Miami or California, then it could have impacted loading speed slightly.

London, UK Data Center ????️

The UK is the second biggest market of SiteGround, that’s why they have established a separate data center for SiteGround was founded in Bulgaria (A European country), so, they focus on EuropeAnother European country.

It shows how much they focus on Europe. The German data center can be beneficial if you wanna focus on the German audience or its neighboring countries. more than any other continents. their UK customers.

London data center is a very powerful data center, it is highly advance and incredibly fast in delivering content. However, you should choose this center only if your main target is to catch the eyes of UK visitors or its neighbor countries like France, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Belgium.

Eemshaven, Netherlands Data Center ????️

Netherland is a major country for SiteGround in terms of customers. Eemshaven is the location of their data center, it covers mostly European countries and plays a vital role in providing high speed and uptime.

SiteGround was founded in Bulgaria (A European country), so, they focus on Europe more than any other continent.

Frankfurt, Germany Data Center ????️

Another European country. It shows how much they focus on Europe. The German data center can be beneficial if you wanna focus on the German audience or its neighboring countries.

Sydney, Australia ????️

Sydney data center is the only one in the Oceania pacific for SiteGround. Australia is another tier one country and SIteGround wants to give a better performance to their customer in Australia. They have a powerful data center there that is extremely good at proving fast speed and high uptime.

If your website mostly focuses on Australian and New Zealand customers, then pick this center for your site.

Singapore city, Singapore data Center ????️

The only data center in Asia. For me, it’s a little shocking because most web hosts on the internet are growing their business in Asia but SiteGround doesn’t seem interested in it.

Still, they have one center in Singapore which is specially dedicated to their Asian audience, mostly Japan, South Korea, and Singapore itself.

So, this was Siteground’s data center list, it shows they are mainly keen to grab a European audience. However, SiteGround’s most users are from the US.

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How Data Centers Play A Role In Site Speed

You might know that data travels through the network of cables. It doesn’t matter how fast electronic pulses and signals are, the longer the distance the data must go, the longer it will take to reach its target, it’s simple math.

The time that data takes to reach a destination is called latency. (Higher latency is a sign of a bad web host)

Let’s take an example to understand better.

Suppose you have purchased a new site from SiteGround and you have selected a US server for it.

if a visitor from Singapore clicks on your site, the data will travel half of the world to reach the visitor. Which will cause a delay.

You also need to understand that websites are not static, meaning that data needs to be important as the visitor is interacting with your website. If a user clicks a button, that request goes back to your server, and fresh data is again sent to the user.

Internet lines aren’t free of traffic. The more data being transmitted through the line at a time, the more possible your data transmission will be delayed.

If this is added on to a longer distance for data transmission, you are expected to end up losing users frustrated at how slowly your site loads.

How SiteGround’s Data Centers Work So Well?

Most bloggers on the internet praise SiteGround for its speed and uptime. Most of the time, SiteGround manages 99.99% uptime and less than 800ms Server response time, but how do they do that?

The reason behind it is their data centers. They perform extremely well in creating a good environment for SiteGround users.

According to them, they use Google Cloud which is extremely powerful in delivering data, and they take the environment very seriously.

They said all of their data centers are green-friendly, the ones that are operated by Google match 100% of the energy consumed with renewable energy.

Which Data Center Will Be Perfect For Your Website?

Choose the server which is closer to your target audience. Suppose you are about to create a pet site that especially posts about Retrievers (Labrador), then selecting an Iowa US data center will be the right choice for you because your site mostly going to see traffic from the US.

In my opinion, choosing a data center should not be a headache for you because you can connect your site to Cloudflare at any time.

Cloudflare delivers your website data to visitors from their nearest location. For example, if your site’s data center is in the US and if a Portuguese visitor tries to enter your site, the data will travel from the US to Portugal, increasing the latency rate.

Cloudflare makes everything simple. It serves the data of your site from the nearest location of the visitor. If your site is connected to Cloudflare, it will deliver the data to that Portuguese visitor from a data center near its location, not from the US.

If you wanna know how you can turn on Cloudflare for your website, then click here for the tutorial.

How To Change The Data Center Location

  • Step 1: Login To Your Siteground Client Area.
  • Step 2: From The Top Menu, Click On Services.
  • Step 3: Click On Hosting.
  • Step 4: And now, click Manage next to the plan you wish to relocate.
  • Step 5: click on the kebab menu and select Relocate from it.
  • Step 6: To switch to a new data center, click Select on the preferred location.


SiteGround has 6 data centers on 3 continents. These data centers are advance and optimized for speed and uptime. You can always relocate the data center of your site by visiting the client area of Siteground. However, nowadays, it doesn’t matter where is your site’s server located because you can always connect to a CDN.

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