SiteGround Vs iPage: A Super-Interesting Comparison With Data

SiteGround is known for its speed, uptime, and support, but what about iPage, where do they stand in front of SiteGround.

We gonna compare everything to see which host is best for you.

You may not know, but iPage is actually owned by the same group (EIG) that owns web host giants like Bluehost and Hostgator.

When I came to know that, it shocked me a little bit. When we look at iPage’s website design it doesn’t match with HostGator and Bluehost.

iPage also isn’t popular, I also didn’t know about their existence. Last year I was looking at the web hosts that are own by EIG, I found iPage there.

I purchased their plan to test how well they perform. Are they better than SiteGround? Let’s find out!

We gonna compare these points below:

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Price
  • Security
  • Support
  • Public Reviews
  • Overall features

I’m gonna rate both the hosts out of 5 so that we can get a clear picture of which host is better.

Speed ⚡

SiteGround ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 iPage ⭐⭐/5

Winner SiteGround ????

A slow speed turns off your visitor instantly. It shows your website’s servers are not performing well.

Having a host that loads fast increases your site’s user engagement and sales.

SiteGround on the one hand performed extremely well, and on the other hand, iPage struggled to be under 1,000ms (1 second) loading time.

Let’s look at the last 10 months speed data of both the host to compare it better:

1404 ms1,090 ms
2413 ms1,205 ms
3420 ms1,187 ms
4531 ms1,099 ms
5788 ms1,085 ms
61,101 ms934 ms
7968 ms935 ms
8880 ms1,219 ms
9845 ms1,006 ms
10779 ms921 ms
Last 10 Months Speed Data

SiteGround Speed Graph Pingdom

iPage Speed Graph Pingdom:

iPage Website Speed Test (Bitcatcha):

Server speed is good but looks at the LCP result, it took 13.3 sec to load the largest contentful paint. It is a below-average performance.

Believe me, nobody will wait 13.3 seconds.

iPage city wise response time as per Bitcatcha speed tool:

SiteGround Website Speed Test (Bitcatcha):

The website that is hosted on SiteGround took less than 3 seconds to load the largest contentful paint which is highly impressive.

City Wise Response Time:

There is no competition in terms of speed between iPage and Siteground.

SiteGround impresses with its amazing loading time while iPage is just too slow. Using a host like iPage could impact your site’s SEO deeply.

Who would like to wait 13 seconds just to read an article, most people will leave and go to the other websites.

It is really crucial to improve the site’s speed because according to data presented by reputable websites, a one-second delay could affect your 57% sales negatively.

Also, Google is now considering site speed importantly. In the search console, you will be able to see an option called “Experience”

When you will click on it, you’ll find that it shows how fast your site is loading. If your site is taking too much time to load, it indicates it with a red signal.

It clearly tells how important speed is for Google. If your site isn’t providing the speed that Google is looking for, your site will struggle to get traffic.

Uptime ????

SiteGround ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 iPage ⭐⭐⭐/5

Winner SiteGround ????

Seeing your website down feels terrible. It affects your site’s user experience and decreases reputation in front of Google.

User experience for Google matters the most. If a site isn’t giving a good user experience, it will never be ranked higher.

The average uptime by industry is 99.85% if a web host is not able to provide this much uptime then you should look for another host.

Here is the last one year uptime data of both the hosts:

Uptime Data

iPage Uptime Last 7 Days:

Their service disrupted 6 times out of 7. How irregular they are in providing uptime. This kind of uptime can easily hurt any business.

SiteGround Last 7 Days Uptime:

SiteGround did a great job in keeping 100% uptime. They have shown why they are one of the best out there.

iPage again fell short, they didn’t perform well at all. SiteGround touched the 100% uptime milestone 4 times while iPage did not touch it even one time.

Even Bluehost and HostGator perform better than iPage in terms of uptime. EIG isn’t focusing much on iPage, their service is getting worse time by time.

The two most important factors in deciding which host is better are uptime and speed and Siteground won in both.

My site which was using iPage used to down almost every week. That impacted my site’s performance in search engines.

After transferring my site to a new host (right now the site is using InterServer), it impacted the traffic growth significantly.

You can read the post SiteGround Vs InterServer to know which is a better host because this battle SiteGround vs iPage is becoming one-sided.

It clearly tells which host is going to be a winner. However, the battle hasn’t ended yet. Let’s compare them both again in other features.

Price ????

SiteGround ⭐⭐/5 iPage ⭐⭐⭐/5

Winner iPage ????

Expensive hosts are not very beginner-friendly. A good web host is always going to be expensive is not always true.

There some extremely good hosts available which are not expensive and provide fairly good features.

SiteGround is expensive especially for people who just starting. Their cheapest plan is costlier than many host’s advance plans.

Their renewal rates are also high. That is why some people never choose Siteground even though they are really good at speed and uptime.

Spending 15$ a month sounds expensive for beginners because most beginners don’t earn much at starting. Website’s take time to grow.

SiteGround Shared Plans

WordPress Hosting Plans

Cloud Hosting Plans

Note: These prices shown above could be changed according to your renewal cycle.

SiteGround’s statement: We require an annual purchase paid in advance for the special price to apply. Special prices are applicable for your first invoice. For all subsequent renewals, regular prices apply.

iPage Plans & Prices

WordPress Hosting Plan

VPS Hosting

As you can see how expensive SiteGround is compared to iPage.

iPage is one of the cheapest hosting providers out there. They attract many people just because of the price they offer.

Their VPS plan is also not as expensive as SiteGround’s cloud hosting. In my opinion, SiteGround should focus on their prices, if they wanna connect with more people.

iPage does increase their renewal prices after when your offer period ends.

iPage Statement: iPage often offers promotions, coupons, and special offers to customers during their initial term. Please note that special offers are limited-time promotional prices that are available to new customers and are valid for the Initial Term only, and not for successive or renewal periods. iPage hosting plans typically renew at the regular rate.

I only recommend iPage if you wanna really wanna save money at the beginning otherwise, go for SiteGround they are better than iPage in almost every aspect.

Security ????

SiteGround ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 iPage ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Winner Both ????

Site security is a big issue nowadays. Thousands of sites getting hacked daily, many businesses are suffering loss due to it.

It is really important to keep your site safe from those attackers. A host plays a big role in securing your site.

Your host contains the files of your site. It is their job to keep your site’s file safe from the hands of hackers.

Both SiteGround and iPage are concerned about your site’s security. They do their best to prevent any kind of attack.

However, it is your job to update the plugins and theme from time to time. Attackers always look for those sites that aren’t up to date.

I’ve been hacked once and I know the pain. I lost all my hard earned posts. Fortunately, I got them back because I have enabled backup for my site.

But in case something like that happened to your site and you don’t have any backup ready then you may lose everything you have created.

It is better to not trust any random host because they might have security issues, trust the best, and keep your site up to date.

How Does SiteGround Protect Your Site?

  • By default, they have set all servers to use the latest PHP 7 version with the latest security fixes.
  • They are running Apache in a chrooted environment with suExec.
  • They have sophisticated IDS/IPS systems that block malicious bots and attackers (Intrusion detection/prevention systems).
  • ModSecurity is installed on all of Their shared servers and they update their security rules weekly, thus protecting their customers from the most common attacks.
  • They are providing easy-to-use and hassle-free auto-updates for the WordPress core versions and plugins.
  • They strive to keep the versions of all the software that is providing database services (FTP, SMTP, IMAP/POP3, HTTP, HTTPS) up to date with the latest security patches.
  • They are constantly monitoring for vulnerabilities in the most popular applications and modules and whenever possible they develop virtual patches in the form of WAF rules (Web application firewall).
  • They ensure that users’ data is accessed only by trusted personal on request by following strict policies and we keep detailed records for such access.

How Does iPage Protect Your Site?

According to iPage, their network and hardware security are industry-standard. They also offer SIteLock (A online tool that protects your site from hackers).

iPage didn’t disclose much about how they secure the client’s site. However, they have said their network and hardware security are as per industry standard, which is the indication that they are using the same technology that Bluehost and Hostgator use.

Support ????

SiteGround ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 iPage ⭐⭐⭐/5

Winner SiteGround ????

Support TypeSiteGroundiPage
Live Chat✔️✔️
Knowledge Base✔️✔️

Good support removes the stress from our shoulders. It is important to have the support that can help us get through any problem.

I have a good experience with SiteGround customer support, but with iPage, it wasn’t so great. Not just me, but there are hundreds of bad reviews about iPage available on the internet.

They take too much time to solve any problem. It makes many people angry, and that is why we encounter so many poor reviews about them.

The competition is getting higher and higher and if iPage wanna stay and compete they have to gove a better customer experience.

Some Snapshots Of iPage Chat Support:

After sharing details about your query, they try to show you some matching articles that may help.

Click on chat to proceed. On the next page, an agent will help you solve the problem you are facing.

You can rate the conversation and give them feedback after your issue resolve.

It is easy to connect with their customer support, but their design doesn’t impress much. Now, look at some snapshots of SiteGround customer support:

SiteGround presents a list of options, you can select the most matching option to your problem.

After that 3 types of support options will appear. Call, Chat, and Ticket. Select the most appropriate option according to you. If you select the chat option, this is how it will look:

SiteGround live chat design looks fabulous. They also show the picture of their agent, and that helps to connect more.

Customer Reviews ????

SiteGround ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 iPage ⭐⭐/5

SiteGround ????

SiteGround won again but by a thin margin. I mostly found negative reviews about SiteGround and iPage on social media, but people say IsteGround used to be good, but now they are just too pricy, and their support is of no good.

I created a poll on a Facebook group to see which host do people prefer. The results were expected but didn’t know that Siteground will win with an almost 95% majority.

iPage only received one vote.

Most reviews about iPage were negative. I tried to find genuine customer reviews about iPage on Facebook but most of them were spam. So, I started searching about it on Twitter.

This is what I found.




Most reveiws in Trustpilot were negatives about iPage. However, their help team tries to reply to every negative review to close the matter, and that is a good thing.


I have to say, it was a little difficult for me to find negative reviews about SiteGround on Trustpilot (I did apply the filter to find negative reviews), most people were praising SiteGround. But negative reviews were also there, and we should not ignore them after all it’s a matter of your hard-earned money.

Features ????

SiteGround ⭐⭐⭐/5 iPage ⭐⭐⭐/5

Winner Both ????

2Free Domain✔️*
4Strong Panel✔️
6Free Email✔️✔️
7Unlimited Storage✔️
8Unmetered Traffic✔️
9Unlimited Domains✔️
10Website builder✔️✔️
Shared Hosting Features List

SSL (Winner Both ????)

SSL secures your site from attackers. You need to have an SSL to grow your site as Google is taking it seriously.

You may have also noticed it, whenever we search something, we rarely see any site ranking without SSL in the top ten.

The good thing is both hosts offer a free SSL.

However, several ways can help you get a free SSL, like, linking your site to Cloudflare or installing a plugin.

But if a host is offering free SSL, it removes the burden to install SSL by yourself.

Free Domain (Winner iPage ????)

A domain usually costs between 10$ to 15$ depending on the domain provider. iPage lets you save your money by providing you a free domain.

As a beginner, it is a really good deal, but don’t fall into the trap just because a host is offering a free domain. Consider checking the host’s review and facts before signing up for them.

Currently, there are hundreds of web hosts available that offer free domain but most of them are scammers. Beware of them, they only want your money.

Even though the iPage package includes a one-year free domain, I still go for SiteGround because for me speed and uptime are more important than any other things.

Backup (Winner SiteGround ????)

What will you do if you wake up and see your site contents are not there? It feels scary to even think about it.

It could happen, there are thousands of things waiting that could break your website.

The smartest way to avoid this kind of situation is to have backup copies of your site. SiteGround doesn’t charge anything for this service, but iPage charges 2.27$/mo.

I can understand why they charge to store the copies of your site, it is may be because they only charge around 2$ for their shared plan.

Nonetheless, SiteGround wins this battle.

Custom Panel With Good Interface (Winner SiteGround ????)

Having an easy-to-use panel makes things even easier.

cPanel sometimes confuses many beginners, that is why it is important to have a custom well-designed control panel that the site owners can use without much difficulty.

SiteGround provides that same control panel which you were looking for. Their panel is 10x more attractive and easy to use than the iPage panel.

iPage Panel
SiteGround Panel

Caching (Winner SiteGround ????)

SiteGround offers an inbuilt caching tool that their users can use to optimize their site speed. The tool is called SuperCacher.

I’ve been using super cacher for a long time and it has impacted my site speed deeply. My site used to load slow but after enabling it, it boosted the loading time significantly.

iPage doesn’t offer something like SuperCacher, so you have to install plugins separately to decrease the loading time of your site.

Free Professional Email (Winner Both ????)

Email that contains your domain helps you connect your site visitors more effectively. It is important to have it as the email marketing market is growing faster than ever.

Both hosts let you create a professional email without much effort. It is easy to create in SiteGround than in iPage.

Read how to create an email address in SiteGround

Unlimited Storage (Winner iPage ????)

SiteGround shows how much data they can store of your site. They don’t offer unlimited storage, but iPage claims they offer unlimited storage.

But let me tell you. There is nothing like unlimited. A hosting company can put a limit if they want. It totally depends on them, however, they rarely do that.

Unlimited Traffic (Winner iPage ????)

SiteGround only allows 10,000 visits with their cheapest plan. It’s just too low in my opinion. However, like Hostgator, iPage also offers unlimited traffic.

In this blogging world, nobody knows which article can boom up a so you should have the potential to handle the spike in traffic.

Unlimited Domains (Winner iPage ????)

What does iPage mean when they offer Shared Web Hosting for unlimited domains?

  • This means they allow you to host any number of domains (also known as websites) as you need, for one low price and no additional charge for each domain you add.
  • You can have multiple websites for each domain or can point more than one domain to any of your sites. Note that you can create an unlimited website with one domain by using a subdomain. (A subdomain is a secondary space in your website like blog, forums, support, etc.).

Website Builder (Winner Both ????)

Some people find it hard to set up their WordPress site. They need a tool that can help them perfectly set up their site and a website builder assists them to do that.

I not a huge fan of website builders but it does help some people. I recommend making websites using WordPress because, with it, you can create your site according to you.

Which Host Is Better? ????

SiteGround is without a doubt better than iPage. They performed better than iPage in three major factors like Speed, Uptime, and Support.

I’ve been using SiteGround for one of my sites. The site rarely sees any uptime issues. Also, whenever I encounter any WordPress error, their support helps me to fix it.

I am not being biased here at all. You can literally purchase both the hosts and check it by yourself.

SiteGround has the support of more than 2 million people. They know what they are doing. They understand what their customer needs. However, they should work on their prices. They are too pricy for a beginner.


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  1. I don’t like both, but I always wanted to see the comparison of both the host. Finally I got this.

    However, iPage is really cheap. If they improve their service, I’ll certainly become their customer

    • Thanks for the comment, Bruno.

      iPage is having too many issues currently. Most reviews about them are negative. I don’t suggest it to anyone. Still, if they improve their services, definitely they will catch a lot of attention.

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